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Personalized Approach

When it comes to your health, the approach should never be a "cookie-cutter" one. This is why it's vitally important to find the root cause and begin to peel back the layers to start addressing the underlying problems. With our knowledge, experience, passion and technology--we partner alongside you and your family to create a customized approach to care for you and address your individualized needs.



Thermal Imaging

Part of Insight CLA's cutting-edge technology, the Thermal Imaging scan assesses the function of the autonomic nervous system and helps identify areas within the body that have excess stress and may be inhibiting communication within the body's internal network. With all of the scanning technology, it's completely safe for children and pregnant women and does not emit any radiation.


Surface Electromyography

SEMG allows us to take a deeper look into the neuro-muscular system and allows us to measure how efficiently the body is utilizing it's energy. It allows us to better understand how the body and nervous system is stablizing and how hard our postural muscles are having to work to just maintain "normal."



Heart Rate Variability

HRV is an incredible technology that allows an inside look into how the body is adapting to stress (physical, chemical and emotional) and the body's overall "readiness state" for healing and recovery.


Further Imaging
(If necessary)

Whether we look over previous X-rays, MRI's or other imaging, or refer you for updated imaging, our Doctors will discuss the best course of action to ensure your issues are well cared for.



Lifestyle Recommendations

With the "information-overload" era, we will help guide you with easy-to-implement lifestyle recommendations to better support your overall health. Our doctors are trained in high-quality nutrition, exercise/stretches/rehabilitation techniques and even potential ideas to overcome those pesky roadblocks that keep us from doing the things we already know we should be doing.


Personalized Care 

After a thorough health history, chiropractic examination, scans and any other necessary imaging, our Doctors will sit down together and strategize the best course of action to help you feel better, reach your health goals and ultimately function at your best! They sit down with you to discuss your results and their recommendations in an easy-to-understand way.

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